Nano Heat

NANO HEAT carbon heater is composed of carbon mixture that does not contain nichrome heating wire and is an environmentally friendly and economical carbon heating system.

With our accumulated technology as the original manufacturer of nano carbon heater, we are expanding our business into the world.

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What is nanoheat?

It is a heating element for electric floor heating which is made of carbon mixture composed of high molecule nanoparticles.
When the AC voltage is applied to the heating element through the wires connected in series parallel, the kinetic energy of the nanoparticle carbon mixture inside the heating element is converted into thermal energy through electrical resistance, which generates heat.
It is a heating system that utilizes radiant heat from the floor and far-infrared radiation; this power saving heating system has excellent thermal efficiency and allows you enjoy a very pleasant and healthy heating

Advantages of nanoheat carbon heating element

  • Economical Economical energy-saving carbon
    heating system that reduces power consumption
  • Healthy 90.6% of far-infrared radiation
  • Efficiency Excellent thermal efficiency
    due to far-infrared radiation heating
  • Diversity Independent / bi-directional communication / centralized
    free control of temperature
  • Safety Zero risk of fire as this does not rise above 60°
  • Semi-permanent Integral injection structure completely
    blocks water and moisture
  1. Injection part
    - Thermoplastic elastomer(TPE)
  2. Appearance
    - Polypropylene (PP)
  3. Heating part - Carbon mixture
    (Seven kinds in addition
    to carbon black)

Advantages after installing the nanoheat carbon heating element

  • 1NANO HEAT is a high molecule carbon heater using nano particles and is a power saving heater that consumes 121 to 136w per 1㎡ depending on internal and external insulation conditions, it saves power by more than 10%.
  • 2It adopts far-infrared radiation that radiates more than 90%, allowing outstanding radiant heating. Enjoy healthy heating and warmth with the far-infrared radiation that is also good for your health.
  • 3It offers superb heat conduction efficiency with 450 to 500 heating elements (per 50㎡). It is installed more than twice as closely spaced than the hot water boiler and the other ondol heating devices.

Construction cross-section of nanoheat carbon heating element

  • Finishing agent (optional)
  • Mortar (30mm)
  • Fiber mesh for floor (optional)
  • NANO HEAT carbon heating
  • insulation (5mm)
  • foam concrete

Nanoheat carbon heating element temperature control system

  • control
    • Status display
    • start / stop
    • temperature setting
    • lock function
    • Full configurable
128 circuit bidirectional communication control system
Wi-Fi type wireless communication
control system

Construction circuit diagram of nanoheat carbon heating element

Individual use
Power cord connection
Safe up to 15 meters when connected in series
Minimum 100mm separation
distance from the wall
Estimate / Inquiry
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